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SR-22 Filing (Same Day)

This SR-22 certificate, also known as the “Certificate of Liability Coverage,” is required for individuals who did not have insurance at the time of their crash, too many points on their  driving record and/ or a habitual traffic offender. This ensures all drivers maintain the auto insurance mandated by the Florida government. SR-22 insurance is not a requirement for all motorists in Florida. It’s for certain high-risk drivers who are required to obtain this form. However, the SR-22 form is not the only type of insurance proof required in the state. SR-22 rates are amounts providers charge policyholders to complete the process of proving to the state that vehicles and drivers have auto coverage. 

SR-22 insurance quotes are separate from the actual insurance policy itself. Despite its name, SR-22 is actually proof of insurance…not the insurance itself. It’s a certificate giving the State information about your insurance policy such as the name of the company providing it, the date range for which it is applicable and additional information. It allows the government to keep track of your insurance policy because when it is canceled, the government will be notified.